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Irrigation Summer Check Up - Louisville, Ky

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Our Summer irrigation check up is a proactive maintenance of your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems require continuous attention to make sure they are operating at peak performance through each season.

Contact us today to have your system setup to run efficiently as possible to conserve water and money.

Keep Your Irrigation Running at Peak Performance

Keeping your sprinkler system running at peak performance is important to conserving water and protecting your plants. Summer is a busy time for everyone. People are in and out of the house, up and down the driveway and the lawn and landscape crews are out maintaining lawns. All of these are typical causes of irrigation system problems. Sprinkler heads get destroyed by the mowing crew or they get ran over when a car runs off the driveway. Having a Summer check up is a great way to address any issues.

What can I do for preventative maintenance on my sprinkler system?

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are the most damaged part of an irrigation system. To prevent some problems, talk to your lawn mowing or landscaping crew and make them aware of the locations of the sprinkler heads. Most times damages come from lawn mowers and weedeaters.


Controllers are the brains behind the entire irrigation system. They provide all the information of what turns on when and where.

Controllers need to be checked to make sure they are setup efficiently and running at the proper times.


Valves in your sprinkler system consist of solenoids and diaphragms.
Freezing water can damage the seats of both the solenoids and the diaphragms allowing them to leak water.

These can be fixed by replacing damaged parts.

Summer Sprinkler System Maintenance

What to expect

Your irrigation system can sometime just quit working out of no where. These systems are susceptible to dirt and wear and tear just like any other mechanical components.

Our team will not only visually inspect every aspect or your sprinkler system but we will run cycles on every zone to make sure all pieces of equipment are working together and to their full potential.

We will also test and adjust your controller to deliver the right amount of water to each zone at the right time of day. These settings are extremely important to your lawn, plants and shrubs.

Why hire us to maintenance your commercial or residential irrigation system.

Being a horticulturalist gives us an advantage in setting up your controller. Plants can be harmed with too much or not enough water and also watering them at the wrong time. For example, lets say you have rose bushes in your landscape. Roses are extremely susceptible to fungi. Having your sprinkler system delivering water to your rose bushes at the wrong time of time day can cause them to develop a fungus and die. Small items like this are often over looked by other irrigation companies. Being a horticulturist gives us an advantage.

Our team is the right choice to keep your irrigation system up and running. We are dedicated to customer service and doing the job right the first time.

We are here for you Ask a Question We are here to answer your questions about getting your sprinkler system ready for a long season of watering. If you have a question about irrigation maintenance, just give us a call or visit our contact page and fill out our form. We look forward to helping you answer your irrigation questions.

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