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Irrigation Repair Service - Louisville, Ky

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We are the irrigation repair company to go to when you are in need. Our irrigation experts can typically diagnose and repair your irrigation system the same day.

Contact Stumler Design and Landscape to repair any irrigation problem you may have. We service all of Louisville, Ky and Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana.

Get your sprinkler system repaired today

Irrigation repair for Louisville Ky, and Clark, Harrison and Floyd counties is our specialty. Repairs are a normal part of having a lawn sprinkler system. Mechanical parts wear out over time and accidents with lawn mowers happen.

Whether you have a sprinkler head that needs to be replaced or a major irrigation problem, we carry a large amount of replacement parts on our trucks and can typically have your system up and running the same day.

Repairing sprinkler issues

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are susceptible to foreign debris such as grass clippings and dirt. These items can make their way into your system and cause your sprinkler heads to malfunction.

Irrigation Valves

An irrigation valve is used to control water flow. The number of valves you have depends on the size of your irrigation system. These valves are also prone to failure over time.


Controllers are designed for versatility and to protect our water resources. These controllers sometimes need to be replaced, but more often need to be adjusted.

Residential Sprinkler Repair

Louisville, Ky

Our skilled irrigation technicians can typically fix your residential irrigation problem in one day. We strive to please all of our customers with prompt services and competitive prices. Our service area is the entire Louisville, Ky metro area and all surrounding counties in Kentucky.

Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties

We offer our same skilled technicians, prompt service and competitive prices to Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana. Our daily irrigation repairs take us through Floyds Knobs, Jeffersonville, Sellersburg and Corydon. So if you are having irrigation problems, give us a call.

Commercial Irrigation Repair

We work closely with Business owners, Property Management Groups and Homeowners Associations to meet their needs. Commercial properties typically require tighter schedules or maybe even a quote before work can be done. We can accommodate all of your commercial needs and even respond quickly if an immediate issue arises.

We are here for you Ask a Question We are here to answer any question you may have about installing a sprinkler system at your home or commercial site. If you have a question about irrigation repair or maintenance just give us a call or visit our contact page and fill out our form. We look forward to helping you answer your irrigation questions.

Contact us today to get a free irrigation consultation We are the irrigation experts you need in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana
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