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Installing a spinkler system for your lawn and landscape has a tremendous amount of benefits. But if not properly installed it can cause a lifetime of headaches and expenses.

Hire a licensed irrigation professional who knows irrigation and horticulture. Contact Stumler Design and Landscape to get started now.

Irrigation Installation and Design

Proper planning is the first step in any commercial or residential irrigation installation. We use irrigation designs to show important installation information such as the locations of valves, heads and controllers. Having an irrigation design drawn out is a key characteristic of a professional and qualified irrigation company like Stumler Design and Landscape Service. These irrigation designs enable us to create a list of tools, materials and components necessary to complete an irrigation installation without having any surprises.

Why use us as your Irrigation company in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana area?

Rain Bird Academy

Rain Bird is the industry leader in irrigation products for commercial and residential irrigation systems. Our team has completed the Rain Bird Academy where we received extensive and comprehensive technical training on irrigation installation troubleshooting, design and scheduling.

We Know Plants

Owner and lead designer Travis Stumler obtained his Horticulture degree from Purdue University. He knows which plants like to be wet and which plants prefer a dryer soil. Having a horticulturalist on your side is a benefit of using Stumler Design and Landscape Service

Certified in KY and IN

Our staff is a certified backflow tester in Kentucky and Indiana. Backflow preventers are used in landscape irrigations and fire protection systems to protect potable water.These backflow preventers are the most important part of an irrigation system and are required to be tested once a year.

Get a Lawn and Landscape Irrigation Installed

What to expect

When you hire Stumler Design and Landscape Service, we first start by taking measurements and creating a design plan for your irrigation system. This plan will not only help in assuring us of the parts we need, but the design will also help for future repairs by allowing us to know exactly where each head and valve is located.

The next step in the irrigation installation process is to flag the locations of each head, valve, coupler and any other product that needs to be measured. Once all the zones are marked and the layout is complete, we then call a utility locating service so they can mark all the underground utilites before we start to dig. It is required in Louisville and Southern Indiana to call before dig to avoid any potential hazards. Once the services are marked, we can begin to dig and install your irrigation system.

While digging the ditches to lay your irrigation lines in we make every effort to save your yard from excessive damage. We reuse the sod from your yard to recover the trench once we backfill the holes flush the system.

Why hire us to install your commercial or residential irrigation system.

Irrigation systems are not a one-size-fits-all application. The system is determined by length, width, and what type of lawn and landscaping you are watering. That is where we excel.

Not all plants, shrubs and trees like the same amount of water. Our certified Horticulturalist can design your irrigation system to deliver the appropriate amount of water to designated zones based on the plants needs. If you currently have a sprinkler system installed, we can also adjust the heads to deliver the correct amount water to the plants.

We believe our team is the right choice to design and install your irrigation system. We are dedicated to customer service and doing the job right the first time.

We are here for you Ask a Question We are here to answer any question you may have about installing a sprinkler system at your home or commercial site. If you have a question about installation or maintenance just give us a call or visit our contact page and fill out our form. We look forward to helping you solve your irrigation questions.

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