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Backflow Preventer Testing - Louisville, Ky

BAckflow test

Indiana and Kentucky require backflow preventers to be tested every year. It is important to keep your backflow assembly up to date to prevent water contamination.

Contact Stumler Design and Landscape to test and inspect your backflow preventer. We service all of Louisville, Ky and Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana.

Why do I need to test my Backflow preventer every year?

Backflow is the reversal of the flow of water from its intended direction in your plumbing system. Backflow can allow drinking water to be contaminated and unusable.

Backflow preventers are plumbing devices designed to prevent water from flowing backward in a plumbing system. These devices take away the risk for contaminated drinking water. That is why it is important to have your backflow valve tested every year. Backflow preventers are required on all lawn irrigation systems in Indiana and Kentucky.

Testing a backflow preventer

The Backflow Preventer

These backflow assemblies consist of shutoff valves, check valves, and test cock ports. All of these parts have to be in proper working order for your backflow preventer to work properly and pass insptection.

Testing Equipment

Certified backflow testers use calibrated pressure gauges to test backflow preventers, along with other pieces of equipment.

Always hire a licensed and insured backflow tester.

Indiana & Kentucky

We are licensed, certified and insured to test backflow preventers in Indiana and Kentucky. We mainly cover the Louisville metro area and surrounding counties including Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana.

Backflow Preventer Repair

Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana

We are not only a licensed backflow inspector but we can also repair your preventer if it is not functioning properly. We carry a wide variety of parts on our truck so most repairs can be made while we are there inspecting it.

Residential and Commercial

We can test and service both residential irrigation backflow preventers and commercial buildings with backflow preventers that are set up on fire suppression systems.

Why do I need a backflow preventer

Backflow preventers are needed on residential houses when an irrigation system is used. Contaminants like fertilizer and pesticides can enter an irrigation system and without a backflow preventer the contaminants could find their way back into the potable water supply. The preventer has a series of check valves that only allow water to flow one way.

There are two main types of backflow conditions, back pressure and back siphonage. Back pressure can be caused by a water main break. The pressure in the water main drops below the pressure in the system. Without a backflow preventer , the water in the system will flow back into the drinking water supply. The most common case of siphonage comes from filling a pool or fish pond. Siphonage can occur when you attach your garden hose to the spicket and begin filling your pool. Once your pool is full the pressure of the water in the pool is greater than the pressure in the system. Causing the water to backflow into the system.

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